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Astronaut on Alien Planet

Game Writing and Narrative Design

Whether you need top level story ideas, a narrative woven into your game mechanics, characters fleshed out or dialogue that brings your characters to life, I can help. 

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Dustland Runner

As staff writer and narrative designer for the Dustland Runner episodic audio/mobile game; writing entire episodes, creating items, providing lore and dialogue as well as helping design the way players experience the world of the Dustlands, both on missions and through the item crafting system. Check it out here!



You stand in the office of the most powerful man in the Floating City...and he's dead. 

Now, you have a gun in your hand and a mysterious voice in your head. So, who are you, and what have you done? 

Re_link is a text based Cyberpunk thriller playable on now! 




There are other worlds out there, and they're easier to reach than you think. But how far do you want to go, and how much do you trust the voice on the radio?

Headlights is a dimension hopping horror comedy, and you can play chapter one now! 



In a world that is almost like ours, you work, and live, in the only bakery in the town of Little Affront. Run by a legendary retired sword bearer, and heated by the world's least troublesome demon, there's no way being a baker could lead to adventure...right?

A point and click comedy adventure coming soon!

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